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Anxious, stressed, depressed? You are not alone! Mental Health Awareness Month 💚

Do you struggle with anxiety? Have you ever felt the weight of stress? Have you experienced depression? You are not alone. I’ve experienced all of the above and I have found that talking about it helps. I also came to the realization that many people deal with mental health issues yet feel alone. There was a point in my life when I felt that I was alone when facing mental health issues. I would go into a dark place and felt as if no one would understand. At times, I thought I was the only one who dealt with those things. However, when sharing my experience with others, getting help, and having support – it helped me to not feel isolated. I grew in my faith, prayed, and got counseling. Do you know it’s really okay to have God and a therapist? In understanding my triggers and becoming educated on mental health issues. It helped me to develop a set of tools to cope with my anxiety, including mindfulness, prayer, breathing techniques, counseling, rest, and solid support system. These tools have helped me to live a healthier mental health lifestyle. Having said that, I encourage you to do what’s right for your mental health as well. Remember, you aren’t alone, you matter too and so does your mental health. May is observed as Mental Health Awareness Month.

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