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Give yourself a break

I just want to encourage someone to give yourself a break. We can be our own worst enemy at times. We push ourselves to a breaking point because we have allowed the expectations of others to make us feel inadequate. Well, my friend, it is time to give yourself some grace. I am not telling you to quit your goals, or give up on yourself. That is not what I am saying. However, I am definitely saying that you deserve the same grace that you give to others.

We are often consumed with so much pressure in life that we are unable to enjoy life. If that, is you, then I encourage you to give yourself a break. Learn to enjoy the time with loved ones without feeling like you have to be perfect. Embrace who you are. Begin loving yourself instead of neglecting yourself just to impress others who fail to appreciate you. Pat yourself on the back for your successes and stop beating yourself up for what you think is a failure. God is too good to you for you to mistreat yourself. I love you and am proud of you. Try telling yourself that sometimes.

Prayer: God, help us to love ourselves, the person you created. Help me to be grateful and thankful that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Help me to know that I am enough and your plans are for me to prosper. Help me to appreciate the little things in life without the pressures from society. I am thankful for every blessing and will not complain. I will trust you God to continue to order my steps. In Jesus name.

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