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God can do anything

“I am the Lord! There is nothing too difficult for me.

Genesis 18:14a


My friend, God has not forgotten about you. He is listening to your petition. He hears your prayers. He heard your cry. God is able to do all that we can ask or think. There is nothing that you can think of or ask that God is unable to do. When we feel like we can’t, trust that God can.


You’ve got to know within your heart that God can do anything. Do not doubt His abilities. When you have doubts, you paralyze your faith. Whose report will you believe? When your faith is paralyzed, you allow yourself to hinder the promises of God. However, when you have faith that God is able, that’s when you know you can trust God with your life and everything concerning you. Trust God to keep His promises. Remember, God can do anything.


Prayer: Father God, we love you. Thank you for your love and compassion. Thank you for being able. When you’re able, we are willing. We trust you and your plans for our lives. We remove so doubt because we know that we’re no

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