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God sees and knows

“The Lord looks at the world from his throne in heaven, and he watches us all. The Lord gave us each a mind, and nothing we do can be hidden from him.”

Psalms 33:13-15 CEV


God is in control of everything that concerns us. He controls and allows every aspect of our lives. Nothing happens without Him knowing and approving. God is so intentional.


Daily we may experience changes to our schedule, conflicts in our lives, or struggles. We can choose to let those things make us or break us. We can choose to get upset, spiral negatively, or simply allow God to be God.  Ever consider that things may happen to us that we continue to fully rely on God ? For example, we can complain about the long line at a drive thru that’s throwing off the daily routine. But it could very well be the thing that’s protecting us from an accident. We could complain and lose patience or we can remember that God knows about our lives and is giving us an opportunity to pray.  We can complain, or we can rejoice. We don’t get time back, so make the best of it, by trusting God in all things. He sits high and looks low, He knows all about us.


Prayer : Father God, thank you for being intentional . Thank you for your strategic love for our lives. May we allow the knowledge that we are continually surrounded by your unfailing love, grace and mercy,  to permeate our lives and chase away our complaints and frustrations. God we want your will for our lives. In Jesus Name. Amen. 


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