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Let us pray!

Father God, we praise you. In the name of Jesus, we give you the honor, the praise, and the glory. We thank you for your goodness and mercies. We are grateful and thankful that your mercies endure forever. We thank you for the shed blood of Jesus Christ. God, we thank you that no weapon formed will prosper. God, we thank you that angels are encamped around us. We thank you that the enemy can not win. We come against sickness, depression, and every attack of the enemy. We rebuke any hurt, harm, or danger that is set out to break us. We declare and decree that we are more than conquerors.

Father God, we give you honor because you are so worthy. We praise your name and thank you in advance for loving us. We thank you for loving us, when we don’t deserve your grace. God, we thank you for being a burden bearer, a comforter, and a present help in the time of trouble. Father, we praise you because you are worthy. We thank you that we don’t lack for anything but you supply every one of our needs. God, we thank you for being a way maker, miracle worker, and light in the darkness. We love you God. God, we praise you for being a healer. We thank you for being a father to the fatherless. You are a mother to the motherless. God thank you for being a friend to the friendless.

Father God, we ask that you forgive us of our wrongs and lead us from darkness into your marvelous light. God will you please just continue to protect us against the ways of the world. Protect us from malice and those that have ill intent. God heal the land. Comfort those who are grieving in Uvalde, Buffalo, and our neighborhoods. Protect those who are fighting wars. Be a healer in the sick room and hope to the hopeless. Build faith in those who are affected by COVID-19. We thank you for everything that you have done, are doing, and will do. We bless your name and we claim victory. In Jesus Name.

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