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Watch your mouth

Scripture: Proverbs 16:28 “A perverse person stirs up conflict, and a gossip separates close friends”.

How many times have you said something that later hurt someone? How many times have you been negatively affected by words from another person? There are many people who will never admit their part in hurting other people. Perhaps, you weren’t affected by the gossip, or maybe you aren’t the stubborn person who stirs up issues. Your role could be the person who comforts someone while they are hurting from being torn down by gossip.

There are so many issues that could be avoided if everyone was mindful of what they spoke. Problems could be resolved if peace was more important than conflict to the perverse person. Gossip has separated relationships, friendships, and families. Only for everyone to be hurt and more gossip to continue based on hearsay. Life is too short for rumors, negative conversations, accusations, assumptions, and pettiness. There are people who lose their life daily, emotionally or physically, at the hands of issues that started with a person who started conflict and caused division.

The next time a person brings you gossip, stop them. When you entertain it, you become an accessory to tearing others down. So, I encourage you to “watch your mouth”. If you don’t want your character to be assassinated or your name to be slandered, then be quiet when it comes to others. If you are not building them up, then don’t say a word. The power of life and death lies on the tongue, make sure your words are giving people life. Watch your mouth. There is an old saying, “if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt”. Here is another one, “A dog that brings a bone, will take a bone”. So, guard your bone, by watching your mouth.

Prayer: Father God, please help us to speak the things that will encourage our friends, neighbors, family, and others. I rebuke the spirit of gossip and conflict. We know that weapons may form but we thank you for your protection as the weapons will never prosper. Guide our tongues and allow us to speak with wisdom. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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