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We are better together

“It is God himself who helps us to be patient and strong. So I pray that he will help you to agree with each other and to be friends. That is how Christ Jesus wants you to live.”

Romans 15:5


When was the last time you allowed your light to shine to help another person? Have you thought about the importance of helping another person on their faith walk? So many people deal with silent battles. Perhaps your testimony can help them get through their struggle. If our faith is strong, we should be patient with others who maybe weak in their faith. We should encourage others to find their place in God.


God does all things well! He gives us patience and strength to endure some of the hardest moments in our lives. In doing so, we should be willing to help others and extend grace. Proverbs 27:17, reminds us that iron sharpens iron. We all need someone to lean on. The Lord wants us to love one another, be friends, help each other, and praise Him together. Connect with people who will encourage you and help you on your faith walk. We should be able to praise God together. He is worthy to be praised!


Prayer: Father God, we thank you for your amazing grace. We thank you for your patience and strength. We thank you for your love. Help us to be the light that others need. In a way, that they see your goodness and power. May we be friends with your people and live according to your will. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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