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Write the Vision

Scripture: Habakkuk 2:2 “And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.”

I declare and decree as we have entered the third month of this New Year, that we will operate in the gift. God has given each of us a gift, it is time to activate what has been placed in you. That business will no longer sit dormant. Don’t deny yourself the promises of God. Activate your faith, write the vison, make it plain and walk with authority. Begin today! You are so deserving of the benefits of God; you are a child of a King. If you are royalty, you deserve the best.

Make sure today is the last day that you neglect the gift and gifts of God. The vision awaits on you to write it.

Father God, I pray for the person reading this prayer. I pray that they are encouraged to be bold in the gifts that you have placed on the inside of them. I pray that they call on you when they feel discouraged and failure attempts to take their mind. God, I pray that the gifts will make room for them. Let them not be afraid to walk in their destiny. Allow them to be examples of greatness in their families, communities, churches, and on their jobs. God promote them in areas that they may not qualify for but where the gift is needed. Allow them to walk in the rooms where blessings wait on them, doors of opportunities are opened, and Your Spirit has already saturated the walls. Give them a strong support system of people who they can trust. Guide them every step of the way, so that they make decisions that are pleasing in your sight. Give them the power to speak boldly and testify of your goodness. May they feel your presence when they lack confidence, knowing that you will never leave them or forsake them. God, we know you can do all these things. For in your word, you declare plans to prosper and not to harm, and plan to give hope and a future. God the future is in your hands and we know that we can do all things through you. For our strength comes from you and our faith makes us whole. We have faith that you can and will do all things well, you are an amazing God and we give your name the honor and praise. Amen.

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