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Your Mental Health Matters

Scripture: Matthew 28:18 says, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me”.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s raise awareness and walk in authority. Beloved, your mental health matters. You can also listen as we raise awareness and discuss Mental Health, every Friday during the month of May @ for "Intentional Talk" with Elder Angie.

Do you know that your mental health is important? Have you ever been overwhelmed with the struggles of life? Your mental health matters. We seem to easily forget to get help for the matters of our mind. We will make an appointment or show up to urgent care when our our physical needs and ailments ring an alarm. However, we quickly neglect the concerns of our mental health. Many assume it is a weakness to discuss mental health for fear of being judged or looked at differently. But don’t ever neglect your health just to make others comfortable. Your life depends on you.

The truth of the matter is, we have the authority to speak greatness over our lives. That includes our mental health and things that concern us. Many experience the feeling of loneliness and often fight in silence because of issues concerning mental health. Yes, it may seem as if we live in a world where the enemy seems to never give up. But I find strength in knowing that we live in a world where God reigns over all things. We have the authority to speak to those things that are not of God and call them to order, that includes our mind. We have the authority to face the enemy and take our minds back. The power to dismantle attacks and mental health issues come from God and He delegates it to us, to call those things that be not as though they were. So, we have the authority to speak what we shall have. I shall have peace! God is a mind regulator.

Prayer: God, we thank you for your grace and never-ending love. We thank you for your mercy and protection. We thank you for being a keeper and a friend. We love you God. We ask that continue to protect us and help us to walk in authority as we come against those things that are not like you. Help us to take care of our mental health and love who you have created us to be. Help us to be aware of the purpose you have placed over our lives. We love you and give your name the glory. In Jesus Name.

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