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The purpose of this book is to enhance your prayer life and provide encouragement so that you can become better than you were the week before. It is my absolute sincerest prayer that this journal will inspire you to find a better version of yourself despite the challenges that you face. In this journal you will receive your weekly verse that is designed for meditation during the week, this will allow you to study the Word of God and apply it to your life daily. It is recommended that you also find different versions of the text to challenge yourself as you dive deeper in the Word of God. During the week you will be able to journal things that you are thankful for, challenges you may face, success plans for the week (prayer and a plan produces purpose). You will also find a prayer request section to add names, things, situations, families, etc., as a reminder of your prayer focus for the week. The great thing about this journal is that you also have a section for answered requests. What does that mean? What prayer requests have God answered for you this week? The requests don’t have to come from the week that you are in, but be thankful that they are being answered. Hallelujah! I coin the phrase, “God is so intentional”, because He does all things well according to His plans. When we don’t understand His plan, He still provides a way that will bless us in season and out of season. Prayer is necessary and purposeful.

A 52-week Prayer Journal - This is your year

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