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This book is a book of inspirational poetry. "Perfect Imperfection- I Am Who I Am", contains inspirational poetry and inserts of the author's life. Not knowing that she had a voice or that anyone wanted to listen to what she said- inspired her to write. She began writing because as a teenager she would deal with things but didn't trust anyone to listen. She was afraid to be hurt, afraid to be ignored, and afraid to be judged. After writing her thoughts or worries down and feeling like she had released pain and frustration, she continued to write. Her voice became ink on paper. Her voice was never heard because she never shared those poems. After giving her life to Christ at the age of 23- through prayer, strength, grace, mercy and favor- She grew spiritually. She was encouraged to share her gift through spoken word and in August 2015 published this book of inspirational poetry.

Perfect Imperfection- I am who I am

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