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"There is Purpose In Your Pain". This book focuses on finding purpose in the pain that life distributes. It includes a workbook to help the reader focus, find, and grow from the pain. If you want to find the purpose in the pain that you have dealt with then this book is for you. "There is Purpose In Your Pain” is used for Bible Study groups and ministerial groups. This book is written to encourage the reader that there is purpose in their pain. So often, we try to find suffering in pain and at times we dwell on the bad things until we are unable to see the good coming out of the situation. When pain is experienced, we run from the cure because we are so afraid of the truth. Well, be encouraged in knowing that the pain is not what you should be focused on but the purpose in the pain. This interactive book is filled with inspiration, motivation and the love of the Lord. Be inspired with the information shared that will challenge you to operate in your purpose and coming into contact with who you really are.

There is Purpose In Your Pain

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